Stone Mountain, Georgia

This office cares very little about the health of your child's teeth. They want to sell you as many x-rays, and whatever other procedures they can "sell" you.The dentist apparently has pressured his staff into being sales agents. You bring your child in for one thing, and clearly you know that you just had x-rays on a tooth 3 months ago, and the dentist has already told you what needs to be done for that tooth that has a cavity (needs extracting). But, he insist that he needs another x-ray to look at the same tooth that he said that should be taken out 3 months ago. Months prior to that, I visited the officfe, and again I was pressured into x-rays! I swear every time I take my daughter to this office, he needs more x-rays! I don't think I've ever been in the office, and not have needed x-rays. If you go to this office, you are asking for a headache. Taking your child to the dentist shouldn't be stressful. You don't have time to mentally to think about one thing to the next, because you are constantly being pressured into getting something else done, that same day. And, you better have your method of payment ready to go right then and there, or else....Debbie will come from the back and bully you!!!

A office that is all about making money, will never be succesful. Exposing children to unnecessary x-ray/radiation is never the best course of action. This office gives out x-rays, like candy. The dentist doesn't seem to want to avoid taking x-rays EVER!!! Clearly, he didn't learn much about prescribing unnecessary x-rays in Dental School. He and his staff just don't CARE!!! Point Blank!'

He lures the parents and the children in with the video games, the nice office, and the cheap toys in the toy box. Don't Fall For The TRAP!!!

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